In the shadows


You can’t run away or refuse to see

That shadow that’s lurking in the corner

Always at ready to pounce on the weak

A little despair, a little doubt

it captures your will in a trance

Those things kept hidden come out to play

messing things, sucking out strength

like vultures ready for the lifeless will

The mind is a friend and a foe

It stills your heart and scratches the wounds anew

it let’s you hope for tomorrow and¬†fear the unknown

smiles and tears

hope and despair

love and pain

the mind is a friend and a foe



There will always be someone who is so much better than we are. In fact, there are quite a lot of them. But what matters is we are able to get better than who we were yesterday. Defeat the status quo. Get better with every chance we have. This I believe is what it means to be excellent.