Pork Barrel Menace: This government should listen to its people.

Syria had 1,300 of its citizen die in a chemical attack. Egypt’s citizens are warring against each other. The monsoon winds is leaving devastation in my country Philippines.

I am not familiar with other country’s government system. Here in the Philippines, we are ruled by family dynasties. The senate, the congress, down to the governors and to the smallest unit of governance is run by politicians who have made our government a lucrative business.

The latest issue these days is the anomalous use of public funds by senators and congressmen. These officials take a big slash from the national budget yearly in billions of pesos for what is called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). This fund is allocated to each congressman and senator with an intention to let them use it in their priority projects to help the people they serve.

This PDAF is also called “Pork Barrel”, a practice wherein landlords fill a barrel with goods and have them greased with pork oil. It encourages competition among his tenants and that whoever has the most goods appears to be most lucky.

The intention may be good, or it may be crooked from the very start. The expose’ being run today claims that this our honorable politicians have used the pork barrel as a means to rob the people of our money and put it in their pockets. Evidences show that they release these funds to bogus non-government organizations. These organizations, according to the whistle blowers give back a percentage of the amount to the politician.

Some of them have even have the gall to say that they are not responsible to monitor where the money went. For goodness sake!

I am a lowly Filipino worker who, albeit unwilling, has my monthly wage deducted for taxes. Taxes that might have helped me bring more food on the table. Taxes that might have helped me buy the essentials for my family. I don’t begrudge paying taxes, that is true. But with all these scandal of how my taxes have been stolen from me, and not even clandestinely, it just bring my blood to a boil.

These politicians knows no shame. Now, people will be marching the streets again to push the removal of PDAF/Pork barrel. But not even the President of this robbed nation would make a move to abolish the pork barrel! We are a pitiful nation!

I am not being unpatriotic. I am a citizen fed up with the crooked way this country have been run for decades now. We used to be #1 in Asia, now we are known as among the most corrupt nation in the world. And don’t let the statistics fool you. Those people living in the gutters, them who roam the streets for food in garbage bins, they are the true evidence of our country’s state.

Abolish PDAF! NOW!


I have previously published this article on another website.