The real name is Hannah Jean Esteban.

I am a freelance writer and an online tutor. Never did it occur to me to make a personal blog before, but here I am.

Stranger Than Life is my way of expressing my thoughts. Sometimes it may contain uplifting words, most times it will be grim and grey.

Everyone needs an outlet to allow the negative pent-up emotions to flow out. This is my outlet.

I welcome views, comments and opinions about the things I say here. There is a certain catharsis in hearing people’s views and knowing that there is a bottomless amount of wisdom floating out there. It is a catharsis that can only be had when I realize that I have been wrong in many ways about how I see things and seeing it in another angle through people who knows what I think. In advance I wish to thank you for this.

Should you wish to hear further about me or any of my posts, please feel free to contact me using the link below.


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