A Hundred and One Thoughts (3)

This is a scary world.

More than three hundred people died from a terrorist attack of Malaysian airlines MH17. Its like watching a disaster movie only it was so real and so tragic. There was no hero to save those people. There was no last call to cancel the attack. There was no last minute change of trajectory. There was only the bomb. There was only the explosion. There was only the cries of those who are on that plane. 

What would I think if I was there? What would it mean to my view about life knowing that for a matter of seconds I’ll be meeting my death? Would it matter though? It is a scary world we live in. People killing other people for their beliefs and idealism. People killing people, not for survival but for dominance. Senseless death for senseless reasons.

There are those among us who would go to so much length to prove their point, even when their point is wrong. There are those who become blinded by their beliefs of the correctness of their ideals that everyone else is dispensable.

I think no life is ever dispensable. No one is inconsequential. This is a scary world. 


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These are just my musings.

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