A Hundred and One Thoughts (2)

Goals can frustrate you.

The thing is, we keep setting goals but nothing seems ever enough. We set goals, we attain them and then we set another goal. There seems to be a disconnect between satisfaction in terms of outward success and satisfaction in terms of personal fulfillment. We don’t reach a point of fulfillment. We keep adjusting and readjusting what we aim for. Then after awhile, we ask, why are we not happy?

This is no novel idea but I just thought it might be worth sharing. We can listen to our inner voice and search deep within what we really want and make it our goal in everything we do. 

It has been said that there is a wisdom hidden within us that can serve as compass for our desires and goals in life. What do I want? I want to be happy. I want to feel beauty. I want to feel appreciation. I want to feel useful.

While I am keeping these goals in mind, I can then decide and act accordingly. My inner desire for happy, beauty, appreciation and useful leads my thoughts and my actions. 

I suppose you have heard this taught before. I had an epiphany and was surprised how the answers are all right in front of me.


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