Reminds me of you

I remember my father. He was a disciplinarian. We call him that although if it were at a different time, people would call him abusive. Every child remembers the pain of coming to terms with a father’s ways. But every child also grows, and if chance permits, they also become parents themselves. When they do, the pain gets viewed from  totally different perspective. This poem is for my dad.

I picked the pieces that you left
I built a new world out of it
The things you did to find yourself
The things you did to hide yourself
They cut a part of me inside
A scar that reminds me of you.

I know by now your peace you found
I wish I was there to see you off
Even as you struggle you keep your pace
You fought for life then say you lost

Never will I know the reasons you keep
I try to make sense out of those pieces
Maybe you fought to make it right
Maybe not, but I know you might

I wish there was a way to let you know
Every time I face a shadow, I think of you
What would you do, what will you say
You taught me much even as you go astray

There is no way to bring them back
Those years I lost you
While you keep to your escape
But know that I keep you here in my heart
And be assured I never strayed or lack


I previously posted this poem on another website. I got inspired to put it here after reading  ‘s “Bend Over. Grab Your Ankles.”


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