Do I want this?

This blog is another thing to get my brain busy with. As of present, I am not sure if this will prove to be useful to me, or just another addition to the clutter that abounds in my life now.

I wanted to try this. That is for sure.

I have made several adventures in the writing world but none seem to have impressed in me that satisfaction likened to having a restful sleep after a long tiring day.

I need an outlet. Something wherein I can say everything I have in mind with no limits. There is this someone inside that longs to shout out to the world all those buried thoughts and ideas which may or may not agree with somebody else’s. The point is to put it out here in the internet cosmos.

“Stranger Than Life” is meant to be a thought pad; an exposition of the rawness of my beliefs and the madness that buoys them.

I am mad in more than many ways. My sanity is imposed by society. The apparent clarity of my thoughts in my daily existence is an offshoot of the responsibilities I chose to carry however unprepared I was.

Welcome to my blog!


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These are just my musings.

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