Green Waves

green waves

Turbulent, unpredictable these green waves come

If it caused the storm, or the storm cause it matters not.

Green waves on murky mind

rocking this boat of sanity

unguarded thoughts of lost chances

hollow what-if’s of days long gone

given to the darkness of unrelenting time.

Green waves on failing hearts

thrashing this sails of hope

caught in longing for happiness past

of faith that failed and broken trust

gone with the one you found and lost.

Green waves wrecking havoc

while distant stars look down from calm skies

these stars do pity the sailor and the sea

wondering do they not see,

these green waves are but an imagery.


In the shadows


You can’t run away or refuse to see

That shadow that’s lurking in the corner

Always at ready to pounce on the weak

A little despair, a little doubt

it captures your will in a trance

Those things kept hidden come out to play

messing things, sucking out strength

like vultures ready for the lifeless will

The mind is a friend and a foe

It stills your heart and scratches the wounds anew

it let’s you hope for tomorrow and fear the unknown

smiles and tears

hope and despair

love and pain

the mind is a friend and a foe

It gets old


Leave me be

It was nice flying with you

It was painful when you let me fall

It was confusing when you woo me

It was elating when you won me

And so we fly again

to colored clouds and sweet heavens

It was painful when you let me fall

you make me forgive you, yet again

you let me hurt, yet again

it get’s old


Soft skin

warm breath

beating of your heart

caressing fingers

tight embrace

racing thoughts on your mind

lone stranger

perfect lover

a calling from your body

melding sweat

rugged breathing

a savoring metted

Hello 2015

As I prepare my list of resolutions

I remember the previous new years,

along with the long list of similar goals.

What will be new this year?

Will it be better,

Will it be worse?

Would my list be ticked off,

or would I be carrying them over again

in the list of resolution for the next year?

A new year may bring new perspective

brighter, fuller, more optimistic.

But when the newness wanes,

what really is there to expect

but the coming of the next new year?

Without a plan for change,

without real steps towards that direction

what good is a new year?

A Hundred and One Thoughts (3)

This is a scary world.

More than three hundred people died from a terrorist attack of Malaysian airlines MH17. Its like watching a disaster movie only it was so real and so tragic. There was no hero to save those people. There was no last call to cancel the attack. There was no last minute change of trajectory. There was only the bomb. There was only the explosion. There was only the cries of those who are on that plane. 

What would I think if I was there? What would it mean to my view about life knowing that for a matter of seconds I’ll be meeting my death? Would it matter though? It is a scary world we live in. People killing other people for their beliefs and idealism. People killing people, not for survival but for dominance. Senseless death for senseless reasons.

There are those among us who would go to so much length to prove their point, even when their point is wrong. There are those who become blinded by their beliefs of the correctness of their ideals that everyone else is dispensable.

I think no life is ever dispensable. No one is inconsequential. This is a scary world.